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The following are sources that I have found useful when learning about how to be a better environmentalist and human being. Please note that I have no affiliation with these organizations.  Rather, I wishes to promote the knowledge they bring.

C is For Carbon Footprint Resources:

  • Surfrider - and worldwide organization that helps to promote ocean cleanups, DIY products, and good purchase habits

    • Ocean Campus - organization affiliated with Surfrider that educates people about environmentalism

    • DIY projects - reduce waste by making your own goods at home

  • 100 Tips to get to Zero - shows many ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle, from ​Zero Waste Home.

  • Litterati - a cellphone app that allows users to record where their litter has been picked up.  This data helps to create environmental policy

  • ThredUP - purchase clothes second-hand online through this website

  • What are Carbon Offsets? - this article gives information on carbon offsetting

  • My Climate - this site allows users to estimate and pay offset costs for their travel and daily life

  • Water Calculator - calculate how much water you use and find resources on how to reduce your water use.

  • The Water We Eat - informational site about our water use. Spoiler alert: most of our water use comes from what we buy!

If you have a great resource that I should include, let me know with the contact form on the home screen!

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